Going for the goal: Super Skinny

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Hi, I'm Nina. I wish to reach my GW, and finally i have the help i always needed. my husband. love him fondly. I also now know I have an ED, but I wish to do this the healthy way. Please feel free to contact my, or tell me your story, we are there for each other. Lost in the past week:I am only now getting back on track.Hopefully the scale and measuring tape will be friendly. Wish me luck! I will update you every week in my progress.

Nina’s Recipe

1) I set the food I allow myself to eat out in the morning.

2) I space my intake throughout the day.

3) In the evening I eat a healthy cooked meal with my husband.

4) I drink between 8-12 glasses of water everyday.

5) I do Pilates and go for long walks.

6) I eat mostly veggies and fruit.

7) I stay away from sweets, junk food.

8) I don’t ever purge.

9) I don’t ever go a day without food.

10) I weigh myself only once a week on the same day at the same time in the same clothes. (Currently it is only once a month, and I find that this works way better, as I focus more on getting healthy and fit than losing weight.)

11) I keep a blog.

12) I write down all my reasons why I want to lose weight.

13) I start every day fresh.

14) I check my daily calorie intake.

15) I eat between 800-1200 cal in the week.

16) I eat between 1000-1200 cal in the weekends.

17) I buy my clothes mostly one size smaller to fit into them as I lose weight.

18) I measure myself once a month.

19) I set small goals to reach along the way.

20) I don’t give myself a time limit for reaching my goal.

21) I always eat a good breakfast.