Going for the goal: Super Skinny

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Hi, I'm Nina. I wish to reach my GW, and finally i have the help i always needed. my husband. love him fondly. I also now know I have an ED, but I wish to do this the healthy way. Please feel free to contact my, or tell me your story, we are there for each other. Lost in the past week:I am only now getting back on track.Hopefully the scale and measuring tape will be friendly. Wish me luck! I will update you every week in my progress.


My stomach is in pain. My body is in pain. I am in pain. I want to eat an avo. I want to eat bread and butter and syrup. I want to eat meat and chips and burgers and cheese and fuck. I want to binge. I want to die. I want to reset my life and start all over again. I am fucked. I always have been fucked. I live life thought my brain. My brain is an idiot. I am fucking fucked. I want to sleep. I don’t want to sleep. I want to run away, away from this planet. Away from life. I am lost in the cold wind. My husband will save me, but he is at work. I am alone. My head is killing me, my thoughts is my enemy. Tonight I will eat tuna, rice and cherry tomatoes with light mayo. I hate this. I hate tuna. I fucking want chips and sweets. I want to lose weight. I am crazy. I want to cry, but I don’t. I hate my hair. I hate my skin. I hate the way coffee tastes after you drank it. I hate the way people judge. I would like to be a small girl again. I want to be a virgin again, and not fuck it up this time. I want to be healthy again. I am going to shower now, no I am not. My back hurts. My back is fucked. So is my knee. So is my hand. So is my eyes. So is my brain. So is my feet. So is my body. I am fucked! Fuck. Fuckedy fuck fuck fuck. What is wrong with me? It isn’t even PMS.    

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