Going for the goal: Super Skinny

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Hi, I'm Nina. I wish to reach my GW, and finally i have the help i always needed. my husband. love him fondly. I also now know I have an ED, but I wish to do this the healthy way. Please feel free to contact my, or tell me your story, we are there for each other. Lost in the past week:I am only now getting back on track.Hopefully the scale and measuring tape will be friendly. Wish me luck! I will update you every week in my progress.

Nina’s Stats

Hight: 1,71m/5,61 ft.

Lowest Weight Ever: 49kg/108 lbs

Starting weight/Highest Weight Ever(ashamed): 84kg/185 lbs

GW1: 80/176 lbs

GW2: 75/165 lbs

GW3: 70/154 lbs (Reward: New denims, shirts, skirts, pants)

GW4: 68/150 lbs

Current Weight: 65.5kg/144.4lbs (9th of June) Total CM lost:12 cm

GW5: 65/143 lbs (Reward: a very sexy purple dress I’ve had my eye on for 2 months now)

GW6: 60/132 lbs (Reward: some new denims, tops, dresses and shorts)

GW7: 57/125 lbs

GW8: 55/121 lbs (Reward: Nice boots)

GW9: 52/115 lbs

GW10: 50/110 lbs (Reward: Some new denims, skirts, dresses, shorts, shirts)

UGW: 47/105 lbs (Reward: bikini’s)