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Going for the goal: Super Skinny

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Hi, I'm Nina. I wish to reach my GW, and finally i have the help i always needed. my husband. love him fondly. I also now know I have an ED, but I wish to do this the healthy way. Please feel free to contact my, or tell me your story, we are there for each other. Lost in the past week:I am only now getting back on track.Hopefully the scale and measuring tape will be friendly. Wish me luck! I will update you every week in my progress.


- half of a banana- some chopped strawberries - ice - water - vanilla whey protein - 0% fat fage plain Greek yogurt
So delish!! Lots of protein too :)



- half of a banana
- some chopped strawberries
- ice
- water
- vanilla whey protein
- 0% fat fage plain Greek yogurt

So delish!! Lots of protein too :)

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Healthy eating + exercising 1 hour a day, 6 days a week. Nothing crazy. No extreme diets. No hours spent in the gym daily. Hell, I don’t even have a gym membership.

You go girl!!!

Healthy eating + exercising 1 hour a day, 6 days a week. Nothing crazy. No extreme diets. No hours spent in the gym daily. Hell, I don’t even have a gym membership.

You go girl!!!

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Weigh-in 9th of June

I am very happy with my results. It has not always been a good month for my, but I experienced a lot less stress and focused more on eating healthy in the long run.

One fallout wasn’t considered a disaster because It was nothing considered to a whole month of being healthy and mostly good.

I had a couple of fall outs, but because I wasn’t stressed each week if I had lost weight, I was also very calm, as I knew being healthy 95% of the time would win over the 5% mistakes.

My new weight is 65.5kg/144.4 lbs. I have last weighed this when I was 17!!!

I lost a total of 12 cm in the past month, something I am very proud of.

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This is for one of my darling followers. I hope this helps a bit.



It’s hard changing your lifestyle and diet when someone else is buying the groceries. For anyone who is living with stubborn parents or unhealthy housemates, this post is for you.

I get a bunch of questions daily about how to deal with parents who are not supportive of their teen’s dietary changes. Moms can be very hard headed when it comes to diet. Sometimes the topic of what ends up on the dinner table can get emotional and offensive. After all, she is the one who has been feeding you these past years – why all of a sudden are you rejecting her “love” and “care”?

For those of us that are Asian, telling your family that you will no longer eat white rice can be an extremely epic and awkward event. It is an Asian staple. You have rice at everyday. They will probably not take you seriously and then just tell you that you’re too skinny already and encourage you to eat more. In fact, they will most likely just start scooping you larger heaps of rice and filling your bowl for you. Oh, and don’ forget that they won’t let you leave the table til you finish every last grain of rice in your bowl either.

I’ve gone through numerous diet changes throughout the years – Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Dairy Free, Paleo…and it’s hard and very frustrating eating with people who are not very mindful of your dietary standpoint. In college, I did not eat red meat or poultry and every time I came home for Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, or Spring Break, my parents just could not fathom the fact that I could not eat what they were eating. My mom would PURPOSELY make ribs for dinner and be like “Oh, you can’t eat that? Haha, just have one, it’s ok!” My dad would actually make me feel bad and say “People have been eating meat for millions of years, you’re being unnatural.”

Then when I moved to the East Coast, I officially gave up white rice. I replaced it with veggies – one of the best and easily effective things I’ve done with my diet. Again, when I visited home for the h0lidays my parents would BERATE me for not eating rice.

“Oh you’re not eating rice again?”

“How can you just eat vegetables? That’s disgusting, I could never do that.”

“You’re being unhealthy by not eating grains.”

These comments made me feel so uncomfortable at the dinner table. And even though they are my parents, I found it disrespectful that they chose to not respect my dietary choices. If you are serious about making changes to what you’re eating, you really need a supportive environment. What the people around you say or do will have an impact on how successful you are. Here’s what you can do:

- Start buying your own groceries

- Start cooking for you and for your family – introduce them to your style of delicious clean eating

- Educate your family on why you’re doing what you’re doing – back it up with scientific research. Seriously. Most people shy away from attacking you if you know your stuff.

- Announce it (or just slip it in a conversation). Let your family know how you want to eat. They need to be aware of your healthy habits. This also holds you more accountable for your actions because you know there are others watching.

A really good trick in getting your mom to be on your side is to go grocery shopping with her and asking her how to pick the best fruit or choose a good vegetable. These are life skills you should learn anyway. You guys can have great conversation/bonding time and this is your chance to show her you respect her guidance while educating her on your new dietary needs. This makes her feel important and also sets the stage for a successful dinnertime experience.

If you are really SERIOUS about cutting out rice or going vegetarian but don’t know how to tell your family, just follow the steps above. I can assure you that if your family or housemates really care about you, they will respect your decision and actually help you do what you want to do. So don’t compromise, don’t settle. You’ve got this. It’s your body and your health. Fight for it.

Do you struggle with this?

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The “calories in vs. calories out” thing is true, but…


1400 calories worth of healthy food will have a totally different impact on your body than 1400 calories of junk food.

Just saying.

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My stomach is in pain. My body is in pain. I am in pain. I want to eat an avo. I want to eat bread and butter and syrup. I want to eat meat and chips and burgers and cheese and fuck. I want to binge. I want to die. I want to reset my life and start all over again. I am fucked. I always have been fucked. I live life thought my brain. My brain is an idiot. I am fucking fucked. I want to sleep. I don’t want to sleep. I want to run away, away from this planet. Away from life. I am lost in the cold wind. My husband will save me, but he is at work. I am alone. My head is killing me, my thoughts is my enemy. Tonight I will eat tuna, rice and cherry tomatoes with light mayo. I hate this. I hate tuna. I fucking want chips and sweets. I want to lose weight. I am crazy. I want to cry, but I don’t. I hate my hair. I hate my skin. I hate the way coffee tastes after you drank it. I hate the way people judge. I would like to be a small girl again. I want to be a virgin again, and not fuck it up this time. I want to be healthy again. I am going to shower now, no I am not. My back hurts. My back is fucked. So is my knee. So is my hand. So is my eyes. So is my brain. So is my feet. So is my body. I am fucked! Fuck. Fuckedy fuck fuck fuck. What is wrong with me? It isn’t even PMS.    

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