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Going for the goal: Super Skinny

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Hi, I'm Nina. I wish to reach my GW, and finally i have the help i always needed. my husband. love him fondly. I also now know I have an ED, but I wish to do this the healthy way. Please feel free to contact my, or tell me your story, we are there for each other. Lost in the past week:I am only now getting back on track.Hopefully the scale and measuring tape will be friendly. Wish me luck! I will update you every week in my progress.

Weigh-in 9th of June

I am very happy with my results. It has not always been a good month for my, but I experienced a lot less stress and focused more on eating healthy in the long run.

One fallout wasn’t considered a disaster because It was nothing considered to a whole month of being healthy and mostly good.

I had a couple of fall outs, but because I wasn’t stressed each week if I had lost weight, I was also very calm, as I knew being healthy 95% of the time would win over the 5% mistakes.

My new weight is 65.5kg/144.4 lbs. I have last weighed this when I was 17!!!

I lost a total of 12 cm in the past month, something I am very proud of.

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Saturday Weigh-in!


Lost 1.8kg/4lbs this week!

I am so glad I said no to McDonald’s yesterday.

Can’t wait to work even harder this week!

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Today was really good for me! 

Breakfast: 283 cal

Lunch: 641 cal

Dinner: 66 cal

Total Intake: 989 cal

Pilates: 284 cal

Total Burned: 2094 cal

Differential: -1105 cal

Still have one day to really make the most of before Saturday and the Scale!

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New Program with Goal

I decided to give myself not only a goal, but also a time related goal.

My brother will be getting married in 3 months time, when he returns from China.

I worked out a program of weekly Calorie intake for the next 3 month up to the wedding.

According to the program I should have lost 11kg/24.25 lbs by that time, and then I would weigh 55kg/121.25 lbs!

Kicking my first goal of 60kg in the face!

According to this new program my Calorie intake for this week will be daily: 815 cal.

I can live with that.

I can live with everything, but FAT!

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Yesterday and Weighing

Breakfast: 80 cal

Snacks: 121 cal

Lunch: 191 cal

Dinner: 421 cal

Total Intake: 813 cal! :D

As for that fucking scale. The number was the same as last week, as I feared.

This is due to the fucking fantastic weekend I had with 4 days of Constant cheating!

Better luck next week!

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Yesterday with a Locked Fridge

Okey , I know it is weird, a locked fridge. But it is the only way for me, or else…

The day was pretty great.

Breakfast: 100g Porridge 

Snacks during the day:2 Carrots, Coffee, 20 Grapes

Lunch: 1 Apple, 1 Banana

Dinner: Healthy Pie I made myself, Glass of Red wine, 1 Piece of Turkish Delight, Coffee.

To many of you this might seem wrong, but for me this really works, especially since I get to enjoy a fabulous meal with my loving Husband each day for dinner. I must say I am really worried about weighing this week. We will see.

Drink lots of water and exercise! 

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D-day Surprise

So I was feeling very good about weighing on this lovely Friday morning. 

I had to have lost weight!

As I got on the scale the number was…

69kg/152.12 lbs!!

That couldn’t be right, I thought to myself. I felt to good for that to be right!

As I looked down, and noticed the scale on the carpet covered floor, I realized I was breaking one of my own rules I posted Yesterday on D-day and Weighing.

I took the scale to a wooden floor and made sure it was zeroed, and then tried again…

66 kg/145.51lbs!

Fucking yaydiday!

I lost a total of 3kg/6.61lbs over a week!

I am in a state of bliss.

This week was worth it all!

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Weighing D-Day Rules!

Rule 1: Only weigh yourself once a week.

Rule 2: Try and weigh on the same scale each week.

Rule 3: Weigh first thing in the morning. Before breakfast.

Rule4: Wear as little clothing as possible, or wear the same clothing each time.

Rule5: Don’t weigh after a workout. Losing H2O is not losing fat.

Rule6: Put your scale on a solid surface. Meaning: Tiles, Timber or Concrete.

Rule7: Avoid the scale during that certain time in the month.

Rule8: Avoid red meat the day before you weigh yourself.

Rule9: Don’t panic. You only lose this battle the day you stop trying.

Keep Fighting!!          

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